We would like to invite you to our IT Security professional days.

SecOps Europe 2019’s concept is to develop and enhance cyber security awareness with both offensive and defensive presentations and workshops by sharing stories and experience with real cyber warriors from both sides, while following closely the International Cyber Competition where the competing teams discuss the strategic and tactic responses to a major cyber-attack on the day after the incident occurred.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics Building "i"

2019.01.23. 12:00 - 2019.01.24 12:00

Magyar tudósok körútja 2., 1117 Budapest, HUNGARY


The main subject of the event going to be that how smart cities can protect against IoT security threats.


Well known professionals will give a panoramic view to the audience about the latest developments, products, solutions and technologies in the field of IT security


Engage in motivating conversations around key topics with fellow I.T. and Security experts. Meet new people, consider different ideas, and encourage each other to reach new heights.


Get in-depth details on how to implement new features, directly from engineers.of leading security companies.



You can find free parking slots on both side of the streets.

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